The 10th Internatıonal Congress On Atatürk (Türkiye’s 100 Years Of Accumulatıon) 29-31 October 2023 Ankara

The 10th Internatıonal Congress On Atatürk (Türkiye’s 100 Years Of Accumulatıon) 29-31 October 2023 Ankara

30 June 2023

Atatürk Research Center, an affiliate of Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History, examines Atatürk’s personality, way of thinking, reforms in addition to the sources related to the history of the Republic of Türkiye and the fundamental scientific and cultural works produced in the Republican period; prepares these works for publication or carries out scientific studies in collaboration with the third parties to this end. Additionally, an International Congress on Atatürk is held once in every four years to examine with a scientific approach the effects of the events during the establishment and development processes of the republic on the present day and their potential roles in shaping the future as well as to present the information, documents, remarks and syntheses obtained as a result of this effort to the Turkish and world public opinion.

The 10th International Congress on Atatürk is going to be held in Ankara on 29-31 October 2023, on the centenary of the proclamation of the Republic of Türkiye.

The main theme of the congress, through which the development of the republic in 100 years will be evaluated, will be Türkiye’s 100 Years of Accumulation and the congress is planned to be held within the framework of the following topics.

Different topics can be suggested provided that the main theme of the congress is adhered to.


      1. Modernization Movements and the Republic

  • The Effect of Intellectual Movements of the Tanzimat Period and the First and Second Constitutional Eras on the Proclamation of the Republic
  • The Effects of the National Struggle and the Republic on the Turkish Cultural Geography

     2. Developments in the Turkish Political Life

  • Turkish Politics between 1923-1950
  • Introduction to Multi-Party System and Political Life from 1960 to the Present
  • Coups, 1961 and 1982 Constitutions

     3. Revolutions in the Context of the Democratic, Secular and Social Law State

  • Reforms in the Field of Education
  • Healthcare Policies
  • Social Security Policies
  • Reforms in the Field of Law
  • 1921 and 1924 Constitutions


  • Economy Congress
  • Development Plans
  • Statism Policy
  • Supporting the Private Sector
  • Industrialization Policies
  • Agriculture-Husbandry Policies


  • Transportation Policy in the Atatürk Period
  • Developments in Transportation after 1938
  • Work in the Field of Communication in the Atatürk Period
  • Establishment of Ankara and Istanbul Radio Channels
  • The Commencement of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation’s Broadcasting Life
  • Activation of Private Broadcasting Organizations in Türkiye
  • Information Age and Türkiye

      6. Foreign Policy

  • Foreign Policy in the Atatürk Period
  • Foreign Policy between 1938-1945
  • Foreign Policy between 1945-1991
  • Developments in Turkish Foreign Policy from 1991 to the Present


  • Establishment of Science-Arts-Culture and Sports Institutions (Fine Arts-Academies-Museum Activities)
  • Publication Activities during the Republican Period
  • Theme of History in Turkish Cinema
  • Studies on the History of the Republic of Türkiye and Atatürk on the Centenary in the Context of Historiography


    Abstract and Full Text Submission and Evaluation

Domestic and foreign academicians as well as researchers who study the relevant subjects are welcome to participate in the congress. For participation, paper abstracts containing objective, method, resources to be used and potential findings with a minimum of 300 words both in Turkish and English must be sent to by April 14, 2023 at the latest. Abstracts will be sent to the referees who constitute the Science Committee. After the paper abstracts have been evaluated by the referees by taking their conformity with congress topics and scientific research methods as well as the originality of the studies into account, paper abstracts that have been approved will be announced.

Full texts of papers must be sent to by August 18, 2023 at the latest. Full texts will be included in the Congress Program after being evaluated by the referees in terms of compliance with the abstract and scientific research methods.

Papers are supposed to be original and it is required that they have not been presented or published before and that they are not titles, subtitles or parts of a published book or a thesis even though the thesis has not been published.

The official languages of the congress in which papers can be presented are Turkish and English. The abstracts and full texts of papers to be presented at the congress will be included in the refereeing process by being checked through a plagiarism program. The booklet containing the abstracts will be released as an e-book with the ISBN and the book containing the papers presented at the congress will be published.

Travel and accommodation expenses of those who will attend the congress will be covered by Atatürk Research Center. Participants who will jointly present their papers (only valid for papers with more than one author) must take note of the fact that only one participant’s expenses will be covered.

    Abstract and Full Text Writing Rules

  • In the paper, the title must be written in bold and capital letters and it must be centered. Since evaluations will be made with “Blind Refereeing” method, the applicant’s name, last name, institution and contact information must not be included in the text.
  • “Potential bibliography” must be stated in paper abstracts.
  • In full texts of papers, there must be an abstract both in Turkish and English, consisting of 200 words, in 10 points following the title. The title must also be stated in the abstract that is in English.
  • The lettering must be Times New Roman and the font size must be 12. The point size of tables, footnotes and sources used must be 10.
  • The study must be composed in Microsoft Word program and blocked according to A4 paper size. A margin of 2.5 cm must be left at the bottom, top, right and left, and 1.25 cm must be left for footer and header.
  • There must be no line spacing in paragraphs. Indent must be 0 cm, spacing must first be 6 pt and then 6 pt and line spacing must be set to single line.
  • While citing references, the author’s name, last name; title of the book (the title of a book must be in bold, while the title of an article must be in “quotation marks”), publisher, place of publication, date and page number must be stated in footnotes in this order. The sources used must be placed at the end of the text in the same way as footnotes, in alphabetical order according to last names.
  • Tables and graphics must be numbered separately, and the source must be specified in 10 points just below the table or graphic.
  • Original documents, pictures, maps and similar images that are not directly related to the text should not be included in the text unless necessary. They should be numbered and appended to the end of the text.
  • Full texts of papers must contain a minimum of 5.000 words and a maximum of 10.000 words.


Atatürk Research Center

Ziyabey Cad. Nu: 19


Congress Secretariat: Specialist Erdem ÜNLEN

Fax: +90 312 2855527 / Tel: +90 312 2856511 Extension: 1431

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Congress Announcement DateJanuary 23, 2023
Deadline for Submission of AbstractsApril 14, 2023
Notification of Accepted AbstractsMay 2, 2023
Deadline for Submission of Full TextsAugust 18, 2023
Notification of Accepted Full TextsSeptember 8, 2023
Announcement of the Congress ProgramOctober 2, 2023