International Publishing

Publications have an important place among the activities of Atatürk Research Center.  In the first years of the establishment of the Institution, primarily Atatürk’s own works such as the Great Speech (Nutuk), Speeches and Declarations (Söylev ve Demeçler), Circulars, Telegraphs and Declarations (Tamim, Telgraf ve Beyannameler), as well as copyrighted works on the content of the concept of Kemalist thought were published. After these publications, the Institution has continued to publish books and articles by those who conduct research and analysis on the subjects within its field of study, provided that they are first editions.  The majority of the books published consist of original works based on research. The Institution has published around 400 books since its establishment.

Publications are made available to readers through the book sales office in the Institution’s service building and through the e-store at cost, as well as by opening publication sales booths at book fairs and universities, and are also delivered free of charge to individuals and institutions that request them by petition. They are also sent free of charge to major libraries in Türkiye and abroad.

The Institution publishes its publications under the following series:

  • Review and Research Series
  • Foreign Language Publications
  • Symposiums and Congresses
  • Panels and Conferences
  • People Series on Atatürk and Kemalism
  • Audio and Video Publications (CD-ROMs and CDs)
  • Periodicals (Journal)
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